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So you’re new to Plymouth, and you’ve not had time to do your research on local places to eat yet, what with all the binge drinking, partying with your new housemates and obviously attending all of your 9am lectures too! Here at Plymouth Student, we like to give you guys a helping hand into the student life Plymouth has to offer, and what better way to start than with what there is to eat. Plymouth has a great range of independent restaurants, takeaways and cafes catering to all tastes and dietary choices! We’ve tried to sum up some of the best places to eat (although, this list is merely the tip of the iceberg) whatever the occasion.

For the drunken munchies:

5 Regent Street, PL4 8BA • 01752 252323
Everyone in Plymouth has heard of Jakes, it’s easily the best pit stop in town for when you’ve had a few too many and you need some cheesy chips to soak up the spirits. Open until 5am, you can grab yourself a ‘Fat Bastard’ (a half pounder cheeseburger with bacon) or if you’re a real fat bastard, an ‘Even Fatter Bastard’ (a whopping three burgers, with cheese and bacon), as well as a number of different baguette melts such as the ‘Morning Glory’ (bacon, egg and sausage) or the ‘Angel Delight’ (a chicken burger and bacon). An absolute rite of passage as a student, so don’t forget to make a stop on your way home.

Goodbody’s Cafe
49 Mutley Plain, PL4 6JQ • 01752 206469
Motley Plain can be a lonely stretch of high street in the wee hours of the morning. You’re feeling a bit blue, you’ve lost your friends and you know you shouldn’t drink anymore (or really had those last shots, c’mon now), but you’re hungry and Goodbody’s is there for you. Offering 24 variations on the classic fry up, with such deviations as the Indian Breakfast, a fry up with added chicken curry, the Cornish Breakfast, a fry up with added pasty and the ‘All American’, where you can enjoy your classic Full English along with a buttermilk pancake complete with maple syrup, you can indulge your inner glutton. If you still have any room left, there’s the mega milkshakes or ‘pints of pud’ (you can get yourself a pint of jelly for just £1)

City Charcoal Grill
12 Mutley Plain, PL4 6LA • 01752 663142
Situated a stone’s throw from The Junction, The Underground and a handful of other pubs, City Charcoal Grill is the place to go for a quick bite late at night on the Plain. A diamond amongst the rough, it can be an absolute life saver when the booze begins demanding a belly full of kebab meat. There isn’t often anything special about a kebab shop, but City Charcoal Grill’s lovely staff are what puts this takeaway on our list. Having to put up with Mutley Plain’s late night visitors is one thing, but to do it with a smile on your face is another. You can also order takeaway online through their website or by ringing the number above.

For Mum and Dad:

Cafe Kiss
7 North Street, PL4 0BW • 01752 267423
This excellent tucked away eatery is perfect for a more informal dining experience. Kiss offers a simple but beautifully prepared menu with daily daytime specials, coffee, cake and evening meals, all with a home cooked character. Aside from the food, the friendly and welcoming staff are what’s kept me coming back tot his place, well that and the backgammon. They even have a piano if you fancy entertaining the masses.


The Chancel
2 St Andrews Street, PL1 2AH • 01752 226264
For those who prefer the sophisticated surroundings of a continental bistro without the huge price tag, then here’s just the spot. This classy little restaurant is a good way of impressing the parents, boasting a range of more than 50 wines and a menu that will fit all tastes. These guys take pride in going the extra mile to locally and ethically source its produce whilst maintaining a very reasonable cost to you. Whether it is a light lunch, candlelit evening meal or just a glass of wine at the bar, you can’t go far wrong with the Chancel.


Royal William Yard
Royal William Road, PL1 3RP • 01752 659252
When in doubt, the Royal William Yard will be there to feed your folks and all within a student loan budget too. The Yard is found in Storehouse just outside of the town centre, and is a growing hub of businesses within some of the most beautiful Grade 1 listed military buildings. With a range of trustworthy chain restaurants, such as Seco Lounge, Wildwood, Las Iguanas and Wagamamas, you can treat the family to a variety of cuisines from Japanese to French. Enjoy the seafront view from the outside seating, visit an arts and crafts market or catch a movie at the open-air cinema, there’s all sorts going on to keep the family entertained.


When it’s takeaway night:

Boon Tong Dha
186 Exeter Street, PL4 0NQ • 01752 221500
Nestled amongst antique shops and Oliver Colville’s office is Boon Tong Dha, a small Thai restaurant and takeaway offering some of the finest Asian cuisine in the city. With favourites such as pad thai and panang curry, with a variety of meat options as well as tofu, you can’t go wrong if thai food is what the housemates are after. As well as their competitive prices and late delivery hours, you can eat in at the restaurant itself. Book in advance to avoid disappointment though, Boon Tong Dha can only host up to 16 people at one time! It really is small!


Little India
44 Armada Street, PL4 8LZ • 01752 226666
Just off the beaten track of North Hill is Little India, one of the finest Indian takeaways that Plymouth has to offer. As the name suggests, the shop itself is tiny but that doesn’t reflect on the quality of the food. From spicy vindaloos to creamy kormas, Little India offers all the household favourites with no fuss. Little bit of advice though, avoid online services such as Just Eat and give these guys a call direct. This way they can offer you their student discount (make sure to mention it on the phone first) and your food will normally be made and delivered to you a lot faster.


Cantonese House
41 Regent Street, PL4 8BB • 01752 266848
Okay, let’s not beat around the bus, this is a Chinese takeaway, and a bloody good one at that. Serving all your favourites and providing an extensive selection of oriental cuisine right in the centre of studentville. If it’s collection, delivery or online, these guys have a Just Eat page and are open until 11:30pm at weekends. I recommend this one purely based on my findings in an intrepid quest to find the perfect Chinese takeaway. This one comes in pretty high.

If you’re a veggie or vegan:

Samphire Brasserie
111 Mayflower Street, PL1 1SD • 01752 263116
Being a vegan can be hard work sometimes, but thanks to Samphire Brasserie, eating out couldn’t be easier. Being 100% vegan, cruelty free and priding themselves on fresh local ingredients wherever possible, it boasts a contemporary menu with dishes such as ‘The Big Moc’ burger, the ‘Zeus was a Funghi’ mushroom burger and the ‘Kruelty Free’ soya chicken bucket. As well as evening meals, they also do a lunch and takeaway menu with a deli counter to boot, so don’t miss out on some of their fantastic vegan cheeses, bread and desserts too!


Veggie Perrins
97 Mayflower Street, PL1 1SD • 01752 252888
The sign says “I didn’t get where I am today by eating meat”, a clever reference to the late 70’s TV sitcom “The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin”. Now, for those in the know when it comes to vegetarian cuisine of the Indian variety, this place is definitely in the ‘rise’ category. Perrins take a strict stand on how all their ingredients are derived, no meat, fish or even eggs. The decor is simple, clean and unfussy, the staff are extremely courteous and personable making your evening a thoroughly enjoyable one. Word has it they will have a lunchtime menu available soon, you heard it here first.


155 Armada Way, PL1 1HY • 01752 229897
Despite not being a restaurant or a takeaway, Ethica had to be mentioned in this category. Stocking some of the best essential products from vegan, gluten-free and organic food and drink, skincare products, cosmetics and household products, Ethica is proving to be a one stop shop for all things cruelty free. A unique, family run business, it brings together exciting new products as well as trusted favourites, from naughty vegan treats to wholesome eco friendly cupboard staples. Give these guys a visit and help support this local ethical outlet.




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