Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Halloween is fast approaching and I know I’m already thinking about what costume I’ll be making and what spooky games to play with friends, but more importantly, where am I going to get drunk dressed as a zombie? Chris Bailey of Imperfect Orchestra Projects has the perfect night planned, hidden behind North Hill, and to the low buzzing hum of a chain saw motor. It’s a live viewing of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre complete with interactive live soundtrack. I caught up with Chris to find out more.

PS: What inspired the Texas Chainsaw Massacre project?

C: At the beginning of July I re-watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s a bastion of American Pulp Horror films and one that everyone just ‘knows’ is great, but it’s one I had neglected to revisit for about 10 years. Anyway, so on the recent viewing I realised how incredible the soundtrack actually is, and how much it reminded me of sounds I have made just whilst clattering around my own kitchen. It also made me think of my friends in Sly & The Family Drone in the way different drone elements were layered up to create really unsettling atmospheric sounds. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as being an iconic american horror film, has a soundtrack that is a revelation to musicians and non-musicians alike. The soundtrack, like the rest of the film was very DIY and done on shoestring, in part by Tobe Hooper (director) himself and sound designer Wayne Bell. The soundtrack taps into the avant garde and the ‘concrete’ music of the period and really creates something very unique. It’s essentially made though, by two guys experimenting with sounds. Some of those sounds are ‘junkyard’ or ‘household’ items, including pots and pans, mental fans and cheap drum cymbals. Some of the sounds are electronic: synths, filters, studio feedback and looped noises. SO when I watched it I realised that it was something that COULD be recreated and reworked in a live environment.TCM

PS: What can people expect from the event, and Sly & The Family Drone?

C: The event is supposed to be something unique. It’s a live collaboration between members of The Imperfect Orchestra and Sly. We’re working at making it semiimprovisational because we wont have played together beforehand but we do have a good idea of the ways in which we will be working. Musically, the idea is to use the original soundtrack as both a template and an inspirational jumping off point which we can play with and develop throughout the performance. There will also be an expectation of audience participation with foley sounds and percussion being accessible to all. As for Sly & The Family Drone, nobody can expect what will happen when they play. There will be drones, atmospherics, underwear, real ale, and hypnotic drumming patterns. This will be something different and already semi-structured because of the nature of the performance but the direction it moves in and the dynamics created will only ever be decided on the night.

PS: For those who haven’t experienced the legendary OUF!, why should we stick around for the afterparty?

C: The essential thing to know is that it’s a party that doesn’t stop until the last man/woman is down and out. Garage rock, punk, dance, electro, surf, psych, they’re all usually on the playlist. The drinks are cheap, just like the thrills. It’s a night that has been out of action for a long time and it really is good to have it back. The buzz for it is huge already and there hasn’t been a halloween one before so this will be off the (meat)hook. PS: What if you haven’t seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? C: If you’ve not seen the film before then you’re a full blown Leatherface virgin and no one but your mother will take ANY responsibility for you if you faint or vom.OUF

Buy your ticket today for £10 from bit.ly/1Nc4ZZ0!


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