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If you haven’t already heard or been to Goodbodies then chances are you are a first year student from some distant town. If so, welcome to Plymouth! We’re sure you will have visited within the next few weeks on the recommendation of friends anyway, but if for some reason this doesn’t or hasn’t happened, let us educate you.

A greasy spoon with a twist, Goodbodies is the place to go when you’re in need of a hangover cure in the form of a massive breakfast for only $3.95 and a pint for $2.95. There’s also a great selection of deals, these vary from week to week but usually include a meal and a drink for around $6.00. If you’re feeling particularly thrifty there’s even a Groupon voucher.

It’s open twenty four hours, so whether you’re just finishing your night out and in need of sobering up, or recovering from the night before, Goodbodies is always there for you. The menu is nothing short of colourful, including the infamous ‘gutbuster’ milkshake, American style oversized portions, and wonderfully inventive breakfasts such as the indian breakfast, the sunnyside-up steak breakfast, and the champagne breakfast.

As well as the food, this is a great place to come because the atmosphere is brilliant. If you’re venturing in on a night out, be prepared for some giggles at your fellow drunkards ordering way too much food and generally making fools of themselves. The booths make it an excellent place to sit in relative privacy with friends and the walls are covered in all sorts of weird and wonderful artefacts so you’ll never be short of something to look at. Lastly, its ideal location on mutley plain means that it’s near to the pubs, as well as being right in the heart of Plymouths student community, so there’s no excuse not to pay it a visit!


Caffeine Club

Caffeine Club is great because it’s so close to the uni and the art college, as well as the pubs and clubs of North Hill. The atmosphere is lovely; it feels like a relaxed bar with music and cocktails, but also serves coffee and food. In the daytime students find this to be a good place to grab some food and study, while at night it’s somewhere you can go and have a few drinks. The décor is amazing, check out the mural upstairs on the lefthand wall – trust me, you can spend hours looking at that thing.   

There’s a selection of foods to choose from including burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs, as well as an extravagant cocktail menu and creative milkshakes from $2.99. One thing I would recommend trying is the salads. The prices all appeal to students and are fairly reasonable. Also appealing is the outside seating which is particularly good in the summer when you want to get something to eat or drink but don’t want to be stuck inside.

Since Caffeine Club is conveniently open twenty four hours a day and is so close to the uni, you have no excuse not to pop in.       


Seco Lounge

A visit to Seco Lounge feels like a trip to a restaurant in covent garden in a way; it’s location in Royal William Yard boasts spectacular views and an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Plymouth. If you’re seeking out a venue for a dining experience – rather than just a meal – then this is the place to come. There’s a great variety of foods, from bacon buttys and breakfasts with a twist, to tapas. Don’t get me wrong, these are not Goodbodies prices, but they’re certainly not unreasonable. A bacon butty will set you back $3.25 and there’s a selection of panninis for around $6.50. The staff are all pretty accommodating and there are vegan and gluten free options on the menu.     

The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful décor, outside seating and free wifi make this an ideal place to come and sit with your books or laptop and study in a friendly environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Grab a drink and some food and sit outside with a view of the waterfront, surrounded by the breathtaking former Naval buildings, and relax. This is also a great place to come for a dinner party with friends. There’s a private dining room available for hire called ‘The Wardroom’ which seats 80 people and has its own bar and toilets, perfect for a birthday party or initiation evening.        

P.S. Students, if you’re looking for a job to juggle with your studies, these guys have a high turnover of staff and are always looking for new waiters and bar staff.


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