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Student Submission

PS: How’s life?
JA: Life is good, I have currently just started my Final Major Project of my last year at Plymouth University. Also the running of Design Society is going very well we have already had 6 guest lectures, 2 portfolio review workshops, 1 film screening and 1 exhibition with more events planned in the future.

PS: What is it that you’re studying, and where?
JA: I am studying Graphic Communication with Typography at Plymouth University.

PS: What made you choose Plymouth University?
JA: A combination of the place, facilities and the course. Plymouth as a city is great, not too big and not too small, plenty to do but never too overwhelming. The facilities at Plymouth are brilliant , we have the second largest collection of metal and wood type in letterpress and a wonderful studio with breathtaking views situated on floor 7 of the inspiring architectural masterpiece, Roland Lewinsky Building. No other university I applied too had such a nice building to work in. All of this combined together made for an easy choice when compared to other universities. I have also had a keen interest in typography since learning about design in school and this course was perfect as it also allowed you to specialise in the 3rd in either branding and identity, editorial or information design.

Plymouth Film Festival Lighthouse

PS: What does your course involve? What’s your favourite thing about it?
JA: I basically solve problems through design. My favourite areas are branding, identity and packaging, which includes designing logos, typography, promotional materials, everything and anything related to brands, but I can also design for editorial such as books or magazines and information design such as the tube map is a famous example.

PS: How would you describe your style of work?
JA: My style is quite paired back and minimal with an emphasis on type, but it depends on the project. I am also a perfectionist and will always get annoyed at bad spacing of any kind, white space is key to this so that the design can breath and doesn’t become overcrowded.

I have always believed that an idea should be communicated in a post it note for maximum efficiency. Design should be interesting to look at but also easy to understand so that anyone can relate to it.

PS: Who’s your favourite artist?
JA: I have many favourite graphic artist from past and present, everyone is inspired by the greats such as Saul Bass famous for movie posters and title sequences of the 50’s and 60’s or FHK Henrion the pioneer of corporate identity in the same period. But I am also inspired by new designers like Andre Beato and Alex Trochut two wonderful typographers or Noma Bar famous for his minimalist double meaning illustrations or Hey Studio from Barcelona the list goes on.

PS: What inspires you?
JA: Great design inspires me the moment when you wish you had thought of that idea, friends in industry inspire me with their stories of success, the will to win a design award and my own personal ambition to succeed in the world of design.

PS: What’s your plan for when you graduate?
JA: Go to London, simple as that, I believe that the best design in the world resides in London and I want to be a part of it. I was once told if you think your good enough go straight to London, gain experience, once you have London under your belt you can go anywhere in the world with design. I want to work for the best branding, identity and packaging agencies in London and then see what happens.

PS: What’s your experience been as a student in the city of Plymouth?
JA: Great city lots of opportunities you just need to go and get them, meet people, discover new places, ask questions you never know what you might find. I have discovered new clients, freelance work and much more through just being in Plymouth. Just take everything in your stride and treat everyone with respect, enjoy yourself and you might find a friend coming back to you for your advice and help.

Me Black n White

Jonny Aldrich

PS: Can you tell us what’s good to do in Plymouth?
JA: I’m a designer so I enjoy going to art and design related things. The Bread & Roses art pub is great, lovely friendly atmosphere, great drinks, people and events. Design Society have an exhibition coming up at the pub on the Tuesday 21st April for a week. There is always something do in the various pubs, bars, venues and galleries. Check out Plymouth Arts Centre too thats where we held the first ever Plymouth Film Festival and lastly download the app Artory, its a guide to art, design and music in Plymouth and you can even earn points to win free things like drinks and food at the various venues across plymouth.

PS: What do you get up to you in your spare time?
JA: When I’m not running Design Society, working at university or doing freelance work you will either find me in the pub with friends, £1 a pints and 2-4-1 cocktails are the normally affair or watching endless amounts of TV at home, I’m a proper fanatic, recently House of Cards, Suits and Elementary.

Plymouth Film Festival Stationary

PS: Anything else you’d like to add?
JA: Plymouth Film Festival was one of them projects that came to me because I met the right people at the right time in my first year. Two recent film graduates and now friends and clients of mine asked me to brand the inaugural Plymouth Film Festival. The identity needed to capture the rich film history of Plymouth and promote the festival on an international scale, to compete with other high profile film festivals. Great project to be a part of and would never of happened if i didn’t meet people and go and find it.

Want to find out more? Check out, or find him on Twitter and Instagram @jonnyaldrich. For more information on the Design Society, check out their Facebook page at


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