Boardmasters 2014

Festival Review

This year, beachside music and surfing festival Boardmasters, was cut short. With the usual image of the festival being a sunny summer weekend, unfortunately, this year it was ruined by torrential rain and extreme winds.

Our journey started with a morning train to the festival, passing through the large fields and beaches of Cornwall on the way. When we arrived in the lovely town of Newquay, we queued up for a shuttle bus headed straight to the festival. On arrival at the festival we picked up our wristbands, and set off to the campsite to find our friends who had already spent their first night there.

With a quick set up of our tent, we ventured into the arena to get a feel for the place, and as soon as you get in, you’ll notice how beautiful Newquay is. Stages set on the green cliffs off of Fistral Beach, a constant view of the sea, and the huge arena lit up with smiling faces and rides contributes greatly to the positive atmosphere of Boardmasters. The music, surfing, and skateboarding events aren’t the only entertainment provided, with a small stage disguised as a pub hosting comedians as well as small bands, guitar shops, and sheesha bars to name but a few.

As the day went on we decided to dive into the music, and after unfortunately missing The Cribs, we stuck around for Zane Lowe’s DJ set, during which he played genres ranging all the way from classic hip-hop, disco, and indie rock, which made for an enjoyable set. Afterwards we wandered the arena for a while as the weather started to take a turn for the worse, with rainclouds moving in and the wind getting stronger, we wrapped up warm and hoped it would improve. It was not long before the storm really kicked off that rapper Snoop Dogg took to the stage to be greeted by thousands of adoring fans. After about five songs the weather got so unbearable that we decided to retreat to our tent, watching 15 minutes of grossly named Brooklyn punk band Cerebral Ballzy on the way. When we reached our tents we changed out of our sopping wet clothes and said goodnight.

By the morning our tents had leaked through the point of puddles underneath our feet, and upon hearing the news of the final night of the festival being cancelled, we decided to pack up and leave. Boardmasters had a lot of promise to be a fantastic and memorable festival, but was spoiled by no fault of the organisers; maybe I’ll try again next year.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg


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