Antimatador launch their brand new video ‘Find Your Way’

So on the 14th May, Antimatador launched the video for their brand new single ‘Find Your Way’. Plymouth Student were lucky enough to get to chat to the boys about their experience filming in the Palace Theatre (or Dance Academy as most know it), and what the future holds for the funky, DnB electronica fused eight piece!

PS: So who are Antimatador and what are you all about?

Alik: We have
Myron Riley – Lead vocals;
MC Vegas – Rap & decks;
Barnaby Ray – Drums;
Jake Galvin – Bass;
Trip Hazard – Keys;
Alik PD – Guitar & Synth;
Dan Hillman – Sax
and Simon Dobson – Trumpet.

I think as a group we are trying to push ourselves to write good songs, that is our main aim. We all want to feel proud of every note we play and every word we sing. We collectively believe in the importance of reaching for the edge of our capabilities. Sometimes it’s very easy to stick with the first idea that you come up when you’re writing parts for songs, but we try to be patient with our process and explore all the avenues to make sure that we’re totally happy with what comes out at the end. This can be a gruelling process, but we’re lucky that we’re all close enough as friends to not take anything too personally. I think as a group we are able to be objective about our work and I personally feel very lucky to be part of group like this. I imagine it is rare to find seven other people who you feel comfortable enough with to accept when they’re telling you to try harder!

Jake: Apart from that, we’re all about just enjoying the ride. We’re all serious musicians and there’s certain things we’d like to cross off the musical to-do list. Playing on the Jools Holland show is right up there with hitting the stage at Glastonbury. I personally want to get the band out to Japan as well. I reckon they would totally dig our sound our there!


PS: How did the band get together?

Alik: We’ve been playing together in a lot of different formats for a few years now. I guess the whole thing started from a drunk phone call when Dan and I were at University in 2007. Since then, I guess ‘the band’ has evolved like an avalanche! Various people have fallen in and out of the snowball over the years and this is where we’re at now. I think we all feel like we’re finally the right team. The motion and energy in the band has picked up as I guess we always hoped it would, but only now does it feel like everything is right and that this is our time.

Jake: “Survival of the fittest”.

PS: You sound like you have influences all the way from funk and soul to drum and bass and dubstep, how would you describe your sound?

Jake: I think I can speak for the majority of the band in that we’re all just fans of good music really, regardless of the genre. That’s reflected in our sound for sure. There’s Hip-Hop mixed with Electronica, reggae mixed with soul, all held together with a gnarly dark-funk undertone. Perhaps we’re just greedy. We want to play everything!

Alik: I agree with Jake, we’re all really open with the ideas that are brought into the rehearsal room as long as we like the way it sounds. When we’ve been asked what genre we are in the past, it’s been tough to pin one down. Everyone always seems to answer with “errrrrrm… I guess we’re a bit of everything?!” As evasive as that sounds, it’s pretty true! There’s so much music in the world to be influenced by, that I’m not sure it matters what category we fall into any more. All that matters is whether the people listening like what they hear or not!

Jake: I personally feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of what our “sound” is going to be yet. I can definitely hear a divide between the older material and the newer stuff that’s being written. The new stuff is great. It’s frightening to think what this band will be writing and putting out in 12 months time.


PS: You have your brand new single out ‘Find Your Way’, of which you filmed the video in the Palace Theatre or as most people know it, Dance Academy, what was that experience like?

Alik: It was insane! As most local people know, the building had been derelict for almost a decade, so we were unsure what to expect of it but when we first entered it still had the energy it used to back in it’s heyday! Some say that you can hear the silence in great venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. There’s this kind of buzz that you can hear in the air and the Palace Theatre has the same same thing. It has a real invigorating thing going on in there that you can’t quite put your finger on. But yeah, it’s buzzing even in the state it’s in at the moment. It is so important that this incredible building which has helped form not only Plymouth’s, but the whole country’s musical history and heritage is not left to rot! The citizens of Plymouth have to be supportive and helpful towards getting that venue back to it’s former glory because letting it slowly decay shows a huge ignorance to the arts and is a big sacrilege to our culture.

Jake: I was 16 when the venue was shut down, so filming the videos was my first experience of being in the building. I had friends who were in Dance Academy the night the police raided it. There’s these little untouched snapshots from that night such as odd shoes left discarded here and there on the dance floor. It all felt a bit weird.

Despite never being inside during its glory days, it has always been one of my favorite buildings in the city though. For me it’s one of the last little glimpses into an old world. I’m glad we were able to show off some of its beauty and charm, even in its current state. Hopefully it sees better days soon.


PS: What does the future hold for Antimatador? 

Alik: Although things are looking really good for us at the moment, we haven’t had the easiest time of it! We had a great spot at last years Boardmasters festival but as we were about to jump in the van to make our way down there, we got a phone call to say that the festival had blown away! We were also very lucky and humbled by the slot we were given at Volksfest this year. It would have been a huge honour for us to have stepped off the stage before ‘Ocean Colour Scene’ took our place but as you know (unfortunately for everyone involved) Volks was unable to happen. So it’s kind of hard to see where we’re headed. However I think we can guarantee that you’re going to see a lot more hard work, determination and tenacity! It seems that the tougher situations we’ve faced have really made us step it up a gear and we’re not stopping now. We’re going to be in everyone’s faces for a little while to come yet I think!

Jake: I think we’re on to something really good. Antimatador is barely a year old and the response so far has already been crazy. Our debut single “Find Your Way” recently had James Santer over at BBC Introducing pretty hyped, saying on air that it was the best thing he’d heard come out of Plymouth in the past 2 years. The track was instantly made “upload of the week” and when we dropped the live video at Dance Academy a few days later, the amazing response continued. We had over 1000 views in 48 hours and to date I think something like 100 people have shared the video on Facebook. Part of that is no doubt down to how good the video looks. Coco Beams (a Plymouth film company) did a great job and they’ve been a pleasure to work with. We still have three more videos to come, so there’s going to be plenty to keep people coming back.

As we’ve said, we’re only just getting started. Antimatador is a force to be reckoned with!

PS: Where can we find out more about Antimatador?

Jake: We’re on all your standard social media sites but if people want to find out a bit more about the band, the easiest place to go would be our website as everything links out from there;

Apart from that, I’d advise to simply get down to one of our shows as that’s the best way for people to see what the Antimatador crew is all about. We look forward to hanging out with some of you!



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